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A Sense of Purpose

November 16, 2010

Starting a business is easy; being successful in business is hard. One of the best things an entrepreneur can do before starting a business is to determine the purpose of the business. Questions, such as the ones posted below, can be used to provide some guidance.

Who is your company supposed to serve?
What do you stand for?
Why are you doing what you are doing?
Why should you be doing what you are doing?
What unique abilities and strengths does your team bring to the market?
What is your company trying to accomplish?

In addition to knowing your purpose, you should also have a good story that your potential clients can easily relate to. This story should be easy to tell and easy to understand.

Consider some of the more well known stories – McDonalds, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Toyota – to name a few.

Creating a sense of purpose and an easy to relate to story is the first step to having your startup take off.


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