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Got The Blues? Seven Ways To Sell Your Way Out Of A Sales Slump

December 13, 2010

It happens to everyone – we get into a rut.  A sales slump.  Keep productive and sell your way out of this sales slump.

  1. Return all phone calls, immediately.  If the phone rings, answer it by the third ring.
  2. Establish “selling hours” – a time when you will focus on selling and ignore all non-sales related activities.
  3. Start at the top – if you can, connect with the highest person possible in the organization.
  4. Network – attend Business After 5, Chamber of Commerce, BNI, and other networking events.  Get “belly to belly” with potential prospects and follow up the next day (prepare a letter or email before the event).  If the person is not a prospect or does not know anyone who can be a prospect, follow up with them when you are out of the slump (60-90 days later).
  5. Connect with past clients, orphaned clients, and past prospects in that order.  These people are already aware of your company and receptive to your product / service offering.
  6. If you mentioned to your clients beforehand that you expect referrals, now is the time to ask for “a few good people like yourself.”
  7. Finally, narrow your focus.  Take a laser beam approach to the characteristics of your ideal client and be ruthless in your quest for them.
  8. A note on emails and social media – only respond to sales related emails during your selling hours.  Ignore all social media during your selling hours.

Now get out there and sell!


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