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The Emotions Of An Entrepreneur

April 12, 2010

On BootCamp Helsinki kick-off day, Petteri Koponen, serial entrepreneur, founder of Jaiku, based his presentation on emotions that arises when being an entrepreneur.

Here is a quick list of emotions Petteri talked about which you may experience when starting a company.

Excitement, you have to use your passion and excitement to convince other. Pitching: you need to do it everyday, get used to pitch to different people
Rejections, as Startups you fight against all odds, pitch and learn to get feedback and improve all the time,
– Learn to live with constant Exhaustion, Founders are are the bottleneck of the an start up, so hire good people
– Get a personal life and do exercise, find a balance
– Be decisive. Make decisions, Fail fast but learn from it
Pride often comes extremely easy, succeeding in Finland is way too easy and does not mean anything
Greed: is really BAD
Aggression is usually good but need to used right way, don´t be evil, mean or asshole. be competitive
– Focus on surviving and greater value, Team, money,
– Focus, Focus Focus, and fun, no no burnouts, work has to be fun. Specially for rest of the team to keep motivated

To watch Petteri present at BootCamp Helsinki, follow this link to the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.


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