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Develop Customer-Driven Processes

November 25, 2010

Entrepreneurs generally talk about how they are “in touch” with their customers, know what their customers want, or have their business built to serve their customers. More often than not, when we dig into their organizations processes (if they have any), they are built around what makes things easiest for the entrepreneur and their staff.

To be truly customer driven, any process that “touches” a customer needs to fully integrate the best thinking of your organization. Consider all aspects of your business – such as marketing, quality control, customer service – and ask yourself and your team questions like “how would a marketing person look at this invoice with a customer in mind?” or “how would a quality control expert reinvent this invoice with the customer in mind?”.

A quick note on processes – yes they are meant to provide a means to standardize your business. However, make sure that any process you employ is flexible enough to allow any associate dealing with a customer to be able to think on their own to satisfy any customer request. It’s the customer experience that you should focus your efforts because 9 times out of 10 that is what will keep your cusotmers back for more.


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