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Day 23 and Day 24 of The 31 Day Sprint

October 24, 2011

Thursday and Friday of this week were a struggle.  After a 90 minute run on Wednesday morning I was feeling lethargic and slow until Saturday.  It took me a while to figure out that getting four hours of sleep each night is not enough if you plan on not having a sedentary lifestyle.  I’ll be gunning for 6-8 hours of sleep each night and will try to keep the productivity level high.

Here are the updated numbers:

  • Total Weekly Points: 337
  • Average Daily Points: 67
  • Rolling 7 Day Total: 491
  • Rolling 7 Day Average: 70
  • LinkedIn Connections – 1,700+
In otherwords, I managed to hit my goal even though Thursday and Friday were technically a flop.  In addition to the Gobi Capital site, there are four other sites that are being prepped for launch.  One of them will be a subscription based portal that will provide business owners and soon to be entrepreneurs the tools to test their new business/product/service idea, launch their project and then achieve a high level of growth.
The objective of next week is based on income.  The whole purpose of The 31 Day Sprint was to achieve a higher level of activity that would enable an increase in income for myself.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another 31 Day Sprint, but adjusting the metrics slightly and setting a different objective.   When I was studying in Findland, there was a course based on a book called The Balanced Scorecard – I think I’ll start to adopt some of those concepts and take a more holistic approach to the next sprint.
Hard numbers for this week:
  • 63+ marketing points each day (minimum of 315 Monday to Friday)
  • 8 fitness points for the week (Saturday-Friday)
  • 5 life points for the week
  • 10% increase in weekly income
  • Identify 5 new potential projects
That’s it for now.  Have fun!

Day 19 of the 31 Day Sprint

October 15, 2011

Point breakdown for the day:

  • 108 marketing points
  • 1 life point
Since it’s Friday, I’ll give you an update on my rolling 7 day numbers:
  • Total points: 261 points
  • Average daily points: 37 points
  • New subscribers to newsletter: 22 people
  • Daily average for this 4 day work week: 53 points
  • Total points for this 4 day work week: 210 points

So in terms of trends, things are looking up.  I overachieved on my rolling 7 day average – 37 points as opposed to 33 points.  In terms of looking at this 4 day week, I am up to an average of 53 points – setting the bar pretty high for next week.  In case you don’t remember, here is the ruler that I’m measuring myself against:

0-15 points – Danger level! I may soon have a boss.
16-33 points – Average – if that’s what I want.
34-51 points – Looking good. I’m in the top 20%.
52-69 points – The Million Dollar Pro.

I guess the bar is raised to a minimum of 52 points per day for next week.

The focus on the next week is to qualify the projects that are currently on the go and to find five new potential projects and get them off to the right people.

Day 16 of The 31 Day Sprint

October 11, 2011

Halfway There:

Well it’s been over two weeks.  The results are not that impressive, but here are the stats:

  • 1,400+ connections on LinkedIn
  • 3 days with over 20 points
  • 2 days with over 30 points
  • 1 days with over 40 points
  • 10 days with under 10 points
  • Total points – 147
  • Weekly average – 74 / 129 for the past week
  • Daily average – 11 / 18 for the past week
Looking at my production level, the first hurdle is having a daily average of 18 for the past week (check!); then over 34 points for next week.  Truth be told, it will not be easier as I’m counting out 7 work days – so next week does not work towards my benefit.  I am happy with the numbers from the past seven days and I’m looking forward to the remaining six work days.

Day 16:

The goal for today was simple – work on ways to leverage my existing network and find a muse.

Now ways to leverage my network is pretty simple – I can divide it into 4 categories:

  1. Lenders and Investors
  2. COI’s – centre’s of influence – people who refer deals
  3.  Acquaintances, Friends and Family
  4. Unknowns
I’m sending out a brief newsletter (it won’t look pretty but it will be functional) that will hit on the first two categories, inform the third category, and allow me to qualify the fourth category.  Over the past two weeks I’ve added almost 3,000 new contacts to my network and the majority of those fall into the “Unknown” category.  At the end of the month, the plan is to categorize the unknowns and start to develop a better relationship with them.
The goals for today and whether I accomplished them:
  1. Newsletter out………………………………………………..done
  2. Connect with 30+ business owners……………………..done
  3. Hit a minimum of 33 points……………………………….done
  4. 1500+ connections on LinkedIn………………………..done
  5. Complete To Do list………………………………………….done
  6. Update web site………………………………………………done
So far today the total point count is 43 with 1 points for fitness.
Now onto a muse.  I borrowed this term/idea from Timothy Ferris (author of the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body).  A muse is a reference to a business that can be launched within a short period of time that will grow to a $1M business within a year with little or no daily effort (here’s the blog post that describes how to go about developing a muse).  So far I’ve mapped out the process to go through and now testing a few ideas using the tools provided.  I will keep you posted on the progress.
I have also been batting around the idea of doing a Start-up Weekend or Start-up Week with a few fellow entrepreneurs.  I’ll devote more time tonight to fleshing out the idea, but it will revolve around the idea of a muse.

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