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Shirking Responsibility

November 15, 2011

In the past, I’ve found ways to shirk responsibility.  It all started with girls.  In fact, one girl in particular in high school.   There I was, standing there minding my own business when this girl walks up to me in the cafeteria and says with the utmost conviction and gumption “We have slept together.”

Stunned silence on my part.  I believe my mouth was hanging open as I stared at her, looking her up and down.  My first thought was – who the hell are you?  Honestly, I had never laid eyes on her in high school and I knew that I didn’t go to elementary school with her.  My second thought was – please god no, do not let her be pregnant!

The next words out of her mouth were, “In fact, we have shared a bed together on many occasions.”  My stance changed to the defensive, peering deep into her eyes and thinking “I have no clue who you are” then glaring at the few people who had gathered around us, seeing if I could garner any clues as to her identity.


A cold sweat permeated my body.  More people were looking over at our small group; pointing, whispering.  I fully expected someone to wheel in a baby carriage and for her to launch into the full blown antics that I had witnessed on Jerry Springer – only this time there was no Steve to break things up.  I knew I had to do it.  I never imagined that at the age of 17 I would be in this situation.

“I’m terribly sorry, we may have slept together, but I seem to have forgotten your name.”

Thank you Jennifer.  It turns out that we had slept together.   On many different occasions.  And we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and played with each other for hours.

As toddlers.  Over 15 years ago.

Jenn had just switched over to my high school and her mom had told her to look me up.  We had a few mutual friends that were in on it and from that point on I never looked at women and responsibility the same way again.  I figured that I had dodged one bullet, so let’s see how many others I can dodge.

It took me another 12 years to figure out that my behaviour was hurting not only myself, but those that I cared about as well.  I had created this wonderful behavioural pattern around shirking responsibility – being accountable to no one except myself (and I was not hard on myself either) and it was beginning to show to those around me.  I had started the 31 Day Sprint as a way to hold myself publicly accountable for my successes and failures and it was not until today when I fell back into my old habit that I realized that something more drastic had to be done (hence this post).

I’ll admit that right now I’m struggling with the shift in focus from marketing activities to sales activities.  I know that this week and next week I will overachieve on my daily numbers but it will be the weekly numbers that will hurt the most – units sold, sales volume (in terms of $$), and income (%age).  I will fail miserably at achieving a sustainable level of sales activities to translate into income.  I expect this failure knowing that I will use it to learn and adapt and figure out a way to turn it into a success.

I’ve been in business too long for myself without having to produce a weekly income that drastic measures have to be taken – I have no choice but to continue to break my behavioural pattern.  Wednesday morning when I wake up I will do the two things that I fear most – only because these two activities will help me become successful – workout for an hour and call my clients and business associates.  I’ve relied far too long on technology (email, social media, etc) and I’ve been content with the mediocre results for far too long.  Now is the time to overachieve.  Now is the time to get results.

Hard numbers for today – 67 (12 over daily average)

Marketing – 62
Sales – 3
FLH – 2 (0 fitness, 1 hobby, 1 life)

When I wake up, it will be a new day.  I relish the opportunity for another woman to give me the opportunity to dodge more bullets – just not when it comes to those that I care about most.


Day 19 of the 31 Day Sprint

October 15, 2011

Point breakdown for the day:

  • 108 marketing points
  • 1 life point
Since it’s Friday, I’ll give you an update on my rolling 7 day numbers:
  • Total points: 261 points
  • Average daily points: 37 points
  • New subscribers to newsletter: 22 people
  • Daily average for this 4 day work week: 53 points
  • Total points for this 4 day work week: 210 points

So in terms of trends, things are looking up.  I overachieved on my rolling 7 day average – 37 points as opposed to 33 points.  In terms of looking at this 4 day week, I am up to an average of 53 points – setting the bar pretty high for next week.  In case you don’t remember, here is the ruler that I’m measuring myself against:

0-15 points – Danger level! I may soon have a boss.
16-33 points – Average – if that’s what I want.
34-51 points – Looking good. I’m in the top 20%.
52-69 points – The Million Dollar Pro.

I guess the bar is raised to a minimum of 52 points per day for next week.

The focus on the next week is to qualify the projects that are currently on the go and to find five new potential projects and get them off to the right people.

Day 16 of The 31 Day Sprint

October 11, 2011

Halfway There:

Well it’s been over two weeks.  The results are not that impressive, but here are the stats:

  • 1,400+ connections on LinkedIn
  • 3 days with over 20 points
  • 2 days with over 30 points
  • 1 days with over 40 points
  • 10 days with under 10 points
  • Total points – 147
  • Weekly average – 74 / 129 for the past week
  • Daily average – 11 / 18 for the past week
Looking at my production level, the first hurdle is having a daily average of 18 for the past week (check!); then over 34 points for next week.  Truth be told, it will not be easier as I’m counting out 7 work days – so next week does not work towards my benefit.  I am happy with the numbers from the past seven days and I’m looking forward to the remaining six work days.

Day 16:

The goal for today was simple – work on ways to leverage my existing network and find a muse.

Now ways to leverage my network is pretty simple – I can divide it into 4 categories:

  1. Lenders and Investors
  2. COI’s – centre’s of influence – people who refer deals
  3.  Acquaintances, Friends and Family
  4. Unknowns
I’m sending out a brief newsletter (it won’t look pretty but it will be functional) that will hit on the first two categories, inform the third category, and allow me to qualify the fourth category.  Over the past two weeks I’ve added almost 3,000 new contacts to my network and the majority of those fall into the “Unknown” category.  At the end of the month, the plan is to categorize the unknowns and start to develop a better relationship with them.
The goals for today and whether I accomplished them:
  1. Newsletter out………………………………………………..done
  2. Connect with 30+ business owners……………………..done
  3. Hit a minimum of 33 points……………………………….done
  4. 1500+ connections on LinkedIn………………………..done
  5. Complete To Do list………………………………………….done
  6. Update web site………………………………………………done
So far today the total point count is 43 with 1 points for fitness.
Now onto a muse.  I borrowed this term/idea from Timothy Ferris (author of the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body).  A muse is a reference to a business that can be launched within a short period of time that will grow to a $1M business within a year with little or no daily effort (here’s the blog post that describes how to go about developing a muse).  So far I’ve mapped out the process to go through and now testing a few ideas using the tools provided.  I will keep you posted on the progress.
I have also been batting around the idea of doing a Start-up Weekend or Start-up Week with a few fellow entrepreneurs.  I’ll devote more time tonight to fleshing out the idea, but it will revolve around the idea of a muse.

New Office

May 11, 2011

The new office is officially setup – all phone, internet, cubicles, etc have been setup and now open for business.  The background noise tends to increase as the day wears on and it is definitely easier to see the computer screen in the afternoon as there is no ‘rising sun glare’.

The new cubicles

Not my favourite colour but it suits the work environment very well

The view from the cubicle (taken at 7:30am approx.)

The pool will be open in a few weeks and the sauna was tested out Sunday night (75C for an average temperature).  The gardens should be in full bloom in two weeks (there’s a bit of a lag compared to Toronto) and the first hummingbird was spotted on the weekend.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to the new work environment and a new work ethic of working “smarter and harder (when necessary)”.  The new business cards should be printed up soon and although I will be returning to Asia sometime in the near future, I will use my time in Canada to start having the greatest impact on the community as possible.

Break Time

April 4, 2011

It’s time for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of Toronto for a breath of fresh air north of the city.  I will need the time to do some research for a few projects and to take some personal time.

I’ll begin writing regularly next week.

To The Moon Or Bust!

January 2, 2011

Well 2010 was an interesting year.  As a group, we managed to discover ways to innovate in an agile manner, quit units that were not performing and reposition ourselves for future growth in a few select markets.  We are still on track for our long term goal of helping ten million entrepreneurs by 2013, however it will now be at the end of 2013 as opposed to the start of the year.  For 2010 this was a year that was filled with restraint and of caution.  The experiences of the past few years had precipitated the need for caution and for

For 2011, it will be a year of going full out – not holding anything back.  There will be a few major disruptions coming at developed markets and there will be a subtle shift in the political landscape that will pave the way for more entrepreneurs to bring their ventures to fruition.  For us this will be a year to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, for better or for worse.

I’m looking forward to the challenges that 2011 will bring as well as the successes and lessons to be learned this year.

Change Is Good

November 11, 2010

A wise man once said, “Patience is nothing more than having something to think about while waiting for something else to happen.”  I guess I got tired of thinking and waiting.

A few weeks ago, I hopped on a plane, flew to the other side of the world and I’m living in Sendai, Japan.   For the past ten years I’ve regarded myself as an entrepreneur yet I’ve never been satisfied with any of the success that I’ve had and frustrated with the failures.  I’ve always felt that there was something missing and this journey is about finding passion again.

I’m writing a personal blog about my experiences while living in Japan called “Scotch in Japan“.  Enjoy!

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