One Third Of The Way There….

Once upon a time there was a young man who wanted to do more – not just more in terms of sales or with his business, but with his life.  More health, more awake, more money, more travelling, more adventure, more fun!  So he set a goal for himself and devised a way to to achieve his goal and took the first step.

This is the 31 Day Sprint – an idea started from Tom Hopkins book, “How To Master The Art of Sales” – that I have expanded to include most facets of my life.  The general idea of the sprint is to get specific – to track the activities that you do on a daily basis that will lead to you achieving your goal.  Want more sales?  Map out the activities that you take a potential client through and then add a point for each goal.  Assign one point when you make a “real life encounter”, such as talking to a new potential client on the phone (no points for leaving a voicemail) or getting a contract signed.  For things such as sending out a newsletter or emailing a newsworthy item, you get one point for every 20 that you reach.

Today is Day 10 for my sprint here are some stats – average daily points (11), points this week (102), new referrals (3), new supplier (1).  You can find more info here.  I’ll admit that it took a few days to get going and to ensure that I had the right processes setup to track everything.



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