Top Ten Tips of Customer Acquisition and Retention (5 of 5)

Finally, the last two.  Great way to start 2011 – finishing off something started in 2010!

9.   Telepathy.  You and your employees need to have telepathy.   You have to be able to anticipate the future.  Your organization must assume a proactive stance as it relates to all of your customer’s needs.  You have to foresee any and all potential problems that could crop up before they do crop up.  You also need to recognize the patterns that are indicative of future success or failure or future opportunities.

One of the best ways to generate predictive power in your organization is to make it easy to communicate with your company, especially to complain.  You want your best customers to tell you how they think things are going, even when they are not going well.  That tells you what they really want and what they are willing to pay you to do for them.  They will give you the best indication of the actions you need to take to improve and grow.  Consider the story of Google, who would receive an email every so often from one of their customers – all the email would contain is a number.  They eventually figured out that the number represented the number of words on the Google Search page (their index page).  If the number got too high, they would get an email as a reminder to keep things simple.  Your customers may not know how you can solve their problems, but they can certainly tell you about their points of pain.  It’s up to you to find a way to solve their pain points.

10.  Tenacity.  Growing a business is hard work.  Customer acquisition and retention isn’t an event.  It isn’t a new program.  It is a way of thinking about customers.  It takes the right attitude, continual effort, and constant monitoring.

The question that should really matter in whether you are going to retain your customers and grow your business is not whether they are satisfied.  The only question that matters is, “How likely are your customers to recommend you to their colleagues, their partners, their families, or to other people they do business with?”

You have to be tenacious and you have to refuse to be satisfied, even if you currently the best.  Strive for continual improvement and refinement in the areas that customers care about most, even if those seem insignificant to you.

Now you may be looking for more ways to acquire and retain your customers.  Feel free to email me (scot at or call the office at 647-800-6587.


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