How to Focus – Just Sell… it’s all about sales

How to Focus – Just Sell… it’s all about sales.

Four ways to knock out the bulk of distractions

1.  Establish focus hours with your team (or company-wide) – chunks of time each day where everyone will allow everyone else to focus (that includes you).  No inter-office communications unless it truly can’t wait.

2.  Turn off email alerts and commit to checking it at the most minimal level you feel is possible for your particular sales world without having a negative impact on service.  Be truthful with yourself and set your interval so everyone wins .  If you can set only two or three specific times a day to respond to email, do it.

3.  Turn off instant messaging services unless your work absolutely requires it to get the job done.  Having to phone someone  or talk to them live (by visiting them) will make you more aware and respectful of other people’s time (and yours).

4.  Avoid the web during money hours unless you absolutely need it for your work.  The distractions are endless and wonderful for those who’d prefer to avoid making things happen (which of course isn’t your goal).  If you must open a browser during money hours (or focus hours), make sure your home page is something that doesn’t have the potential to encourage you down distraction road.  Search and discover outside your money / focus hours or at lunch.

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